3 ways to spice up your bedroom design

Sometimes, we get bored of our bedroom and want to mix things up. The foundation of a good night’s sleep is all based on how comfortable both your bed and bedding can make you feel. Not all bedding is created equal, and it’s well worth investing in some bedding that suits the way you sleep, as well as adding valuable style points to your sleeping space.

Considering you spend around 7-8 hours sleeping in your bedroom, the softness of the bedding and mattress is one of the key points of focus of the bedroom. Aside from providing basic comfort, bedding can also play a part in the aesthetics of the bedroom by incorporating texture, color, and print designs.

Match the seasons

Each season has color representations; the classics being green for Spring, yellow for Summer, orange or red for Fall, and white or blue for Winter. Aside from the actual change of colors in your environment, you can also bring these colors into your bedroom to living in the seasons in your home.

In the current Winter season, the optimal colors to go for are cooler tones such as light blue, white, or sage green. Consider the waffle quilt, for a touch of design on the simple white material that offers both comfort and aesthetics.

Contrast the rest of the house

While maintaining one style throughout the house is the simple option, as the title of this article suggests, we are not going for the conventional this time. Being where the magic (sleep, of course) happens, consider turning up the creativity valve in the bedroom. If the rest of the house has a minimalist style, you may not need to have to go full bohemian for the bedroom. Consider a Scandinavian flair with more rugs or natural textures if the rest of the house has more metal and linen. The Joseph bed in walnut sports a warm-toned wooden bed frame that is not only easy to match with any room style but brings wood and natural elements needed for certain styles.

Consider home decor

As mentioned, home decor is the easiest way to quickly add a little spice to the room; a simple full-length mirror may be all it takes to elevate the design of the room to one of sophistication, and lamps can quickly change the mood with lighting. Rugs are simple additions to a room that brings personality, with designs that fit your personal style.