5 Finishing Touches That Will Transform Your Room

Home is the congenial center of life where you click with comfort and creativity. The place where you feel you belong. A home is more than a place to live, eat, and sleep on repeat—it’s a space reflective of yourself and what gives you joy. Each room in your living space is not complete without scattered pieces of self-expression displayed through intentional design choices.

Curated Collections and Collages

Decorative pieces are key touches to add pops of personality to a room. Whether you collect specialty items on shelves or hang artistic galleries across various walls, you can’t go wrong with these dynamic decorations. When details matter most, deck out the walls with art or fill up the shelves. Keep the look simple and clean for an elegant statement, and never underestimate the alluring power of accessories.

Lighting: Ample Source of Ambiance

A strategic and layered design scheme is nothing without the right lighting. Your choice of lighting sets the mood for the entire room. Choose from light sources that make sense for the particulars of the space—table lamps, floor lamps, sconces, chandeliers, pendants, dimmers, etc. Suitable depth and warmth will provide that finishing touch you’re seeking or help distinguish a noticeable focal point.

Pile On the Plants: Greenery

What’s the easiest finishing touch for a boosted aura? Natural flora and foliage bring a wondrous sense of the great outdoors inside. When it comes to intimate vibes, nothing beats good old greenery. Focus on houseplants, seasonal greens, or fresh flowers to give a completed, lively look to a personal space. Mix and match well-made artificial plants with live ones to enhance the atmosphere.

Dress Up: Patterns and Textures

Playing around with patterns and colors is a strategic method to dress up the appeal of a specific space. Textures are another of the five finishing touches that will transform your room. Contrast is necessary to draw interest and intrigue if the current aesthetic is too neutral or bare. Lux linens, throws, rugs, and playful patterns can sophisticatedly bring the assorted elements of a room together.

Fashion and Form: Statement Furniture Pieces

Core pieces of furniture in a room make incredible statement pieces. The main objective is to utilize the selected piece as the ultimate finishing touch—or the center point. Tables, armchairs, dressers, and beds all stand apart from the crowd.