9 Timeless Furniture Designs That Will Never Go Out of Style

Part of the fun of interior decorating is mixing and matching your favorite trends from over the years. If you have an eye for fashion, you can find styles that have nothing to do with each other but still complement each other perfectly. Home design connoisseurs will also know the latest styles and trends drawing attention and admiration around the world. Sometimes, though, you just want to find classic pieces that will always work in your home. Fortunately, there are plenty of timeless furniture designs that will never go out of style. Bring class, tradition, and undeniable elegance to your home with these iconic pieces.

The Wingback Chair

No matter the color, size, or fabric, a wingback chair is a cozy and elegant addition to your room. These 17th-century pieces originated in England, where they were popular hearthside chairs. The high back and curved sides protected individuals from drafts as they sat by the fire, keeping them warm and snug. That cozy feeling remains today, even when your chair is far from a fireplace. Wingback chairs are the perfect seat for lounging luxuriously or curling up with a good book.

Classic Oriental Rugs

The classic and colorful Oriental rug brings respectable tradition and personal tastes into any room. Oriental rugs are trendy, so you can easily find one that fits your color scheme. The intricate designs and patterns balance the otherwise sleek designs of minimalist or contemporary space. Alternatively, lay the rug down to ground the rest of your cozy or rustic design.

The Canopy Bed

As a practical design from the nobility of the Middle Ages, canopy beds originally brought privacy and warmth to one’s sleeping area. Today, these unique bed frames are a staple for both function and fashion. While you have the option of embellishing the frame with any curtain of your choosing, many homeowners decide to let the frames stand on their own. Doing so makes the canopy bed a versatile option that fits perfectly into any bedroom design. From smooth modern frames to elegantly carved traditional styles, a canopy bed is a classy and dignified choice for the bedroom.

Lounge Chair & Ottoman Combo

The welcoming curve of a lounge chair and the matching luxury of an ottoman combine in this unbeatable pairing. The lounge-chair-and-ottoman combination is the perfect blend of style and comfort. The matching set draws the eye and makes a fantastic accent for the room. At the same time, the plush design of the lounge chair and footstool allows you to sit back and unwind. While this beloved pairing has evolved, you can’t go wrong with the classic Eames design—a gleaming wood frame and comfortable leather upholstery.

Sleek & Simple Dining Chairs

You can do a lot with the seating in your dining room, but one staple that will never disappear is the sleek and simple dining chair. Gleaming wood, soft fabrics, and a straightforward, elegant design create one of the most timeless furniture designs that will never go out of style. The best part is that classic wood and fabric dining chairs come in a variety of eras and styles, which means you can perfectly match this traditional design with your table and other dining room pieces.

Built-In Bookcases

Built-in furniture is always a success, but built-in bookshelves stand out among the rest. There’s no denying the functional appeal of a built-in bookcase. However, the real draw is the way built-in shelves anchor the room. No matter how you fill your shelves—with books, art, figurines, or anything else—the permanent feel of the furniture creates a stable atmosphere and gives the space an air of authority. You can make other features feel more permanent as well. For example, framing a television or a large piece of art between bookshelves makes the room’s design feel more intentional and long-lasting.

Nesting Tables

Find style, character, and convenience stacked together in this clever design. Nesting tables let you immediately customize a space to fit your style and needs. When you need the room to look elegant and pristine, stack your set into a single unique table. If you’re entertaining and need more places to set drinks, phones, or other possessions, show off your nesting tables and offer enough side table space for everyone. This convenient design is hundreds of years old, but today, you can find nesting tables with designs, colors, and materials that match any home style.

Bar Carts

The bar cart descends from the Victorian-era tea trolley, but the concept is much the same today. These pieces are a boon for hosts, allowing you to easily provide for your guests while also showing off your eye for beautiful furniture. The bar cart as we know it stems from the homes of actors, directors, and other 1930s Hollywood elite. Today, this piece still has an air of golden-age wealth and style. Bar carts are surprisingly versatile pieces. Keep them stationary as a decor display, or take advantage of their traditional purpose whenever you entertain friends and family. After all, who wouldn’t want a piece that simultaneously displays your taste in furniture and your taste in the finest wines and liquors?

Accent Chairs

When you have a neutral foundation or a set color scheme within a room, an accent is a perfect way to add a pop of color or texture. Accent chairs draw the eye and show off a little more of your personal style. A boldly colored armchair, a velvet lounge chair, a swivel chair with a unique pattern, and a wicker seat are all fun options that burst with character. Accent chairs work well as statement pieces within a room. No matter what you choose, make sure it shows off a bit of your best taste.