Bedroom Design Ideas for the Modern Home

After a long day at work and chores, we all look forward to resting our heads on our pillows and getting a good night’s sleep. The bedroom is where we spend the most time, and yet decorations and designs for this space are sometimes neglected. Decorating a small bedroom may be a challenge because there is less space available to be creative. However, there are ways to spruce up the bedroom, even if you have a king-sized bed, or live in a studio apartment. Here are a few bedroom design ideas that are suitable for a bedroom of all sizes, styles, and ages.

Bedrooms are called such because of one essential piece of furniture – the bed. Seeing as we spend most of our time on said furniture, comfort is of high importance. While all beds may have the same basic structure, here at Luxmood we aim to bring not only comfort but style into the bedroom.

For a modern-style bedroom, one of the options is to get a bed with a big elegant headboard. If you have a simple wall in your room this type of bed can help you by covering up the wall and making the room look modern and stylish.

Small Nightstand

While petite in size, the small nightstand can be an interesting addition to your bedroom. Sometimes we just do not feel like getting out of bed to get a drink, and this nightstand provides this convenience when placed as a bedside table. Designer nightstands can also considerably add to the style of the bedroom, by bringing in a tone of avant-garde or mid-century modern tone.

Home Decor

A bedroom can always be upgraded with more accessories, and rugs are one of the top choices. A classic rug is the wool rug, with its iconic fuzziness and warmth adding a tone of coziness to the already cozy bedroom. However, as wool rugs are mostly used in winter, other materials such as jute rugs and polyester rugs are breathable and cool for use during summer. Rugs can also considerably add to style in the bedroom as a flooring accessory, and Castlery rugs come in various shapes and sizes, from large area rugs to small circle rugs. Depending on the bedroom style and temperature. Aside from rugs, you can use a full-length mirror on one side of the room.

Of course, there are many other ways and furniture to accessorize the bedroom with, and you should always feel free to let your creativity run wild! No matter the style and design you are thinking of, from vintage to post-modern, Luxmood will have just the furniture you need to complete your perfect bedroom.

What furniture or accessories are bedroom essentials?

Aside from the bed, essential bedroom furniture for a comfortable and convenient resting space may be a small nightstand, bedside table, and lamp.

How do I choose the right style of furniture for my bedroom?

Many like to match the bedroom interior design style to the rest of the house, though some also like to change things up in the bedroom with a completely different style of design. Depending on the bedroom style, there are various materials and designs you can choose from.