When was the last time you used your dining room? If it’s not getting a whole lot of use it may be because it’s lost some of its luster and beauty. I think many people furnish their dining rooms and never update them! Many of us bought dining room “suites” that cost us a ton and we think it would be almost heresy to change them up! And now they may be looking a little tired.  You don’t have to live in a dining room that has seen better days! It’s not hard to find your new style in a dining room. It’s all about being creative and letting go and editing and being very careful about what we add. Today let’s talk about creating your perfect dining room.


Even more important than finding a style of table you love is finding a dining room table that fits your dining room. Your dining room, no matter the size, should have room for those eating in it to move around.  The beauty of tables these days is they come in so many sizes and shapes. Earlier this year I got a new dining room table made out of concrete.


I know that comfortable chairs sound like a no-brainer. But it’s not always that easy to find the “just right” chair! Of course, chairs must feel good to sit in but they need to be the right height for your table too.

The average height of a dining room table is about 30 inches and a chair should be about 18 inches from floor to seat. This allows enough lap and leg room for most people.

The idea of mixing and matching chairs is now very trendy. An assortment of great chairs looks so chic and fun in a dining room. For example, having different colors or even different styles on the king and queen sides of the table will make your room look fancy.

Some people like to have benches on one side of their dining table, but the issue with having a bench is that, if you are having a long dinner it’s not a very comfortable choice and your guests will get tired soon because there is nowhere for them to lean.

A Console

Does your dining room have space to put a Console, hutch, desk, sofa table, or some horizontal surface? Having a console that has storage and a great surface that holds a lamp and a few other decorations is a great choice to make your dining room more luxurious. You can put appetizers or drinks or extra serving dishes or desserts on the buffet. Easy and so accessible! It’s also nice to make this a self-serve area for family and guests.


You should have some sort of lighting above your table. Preferably a pendant or drop type of lighting. If you have 8-foot ceilings a light should hang 30-34 inches from the ceiling. Add 3 inches for every foot higher your ceilings are. Family and guests need to see what they are eating and need to see each other.


Think about a centerpiece for your table. And candles, dishes, curtains, lamps,  a bar cart, extra seating, and all the little touches that make your dining room an expression of who you are! No crowding or too many little items. We think one of the biggest mistakes we make as home decorators is adding too much to a room! Keep surfaces decorated but clean-looking!

Always start with the basics… a great table, comfy chairs, a rug, and overhead lighting. Then add what fits into your dining room.

You can have a perfect dining room that is just YOUR style! Head into your dining room and give it a look with a very discerning eye! What simple changes can you make that will start the process of CREATING YOUR PERFECT DINING ROOM?