Everything You Need to Know About Console Tables

Console tables are long, thin tables that can be placed almost anywhere in the home. They are commonly seen in entryways, hallways, or behind sofas in the living room. They are an excellent way to fill small spaces and can function as additional storage while showing off your personality and décor.

Where Can You Use Console Tables?

Hallway or Entryway

The standard application for console tables is in the hallway or foyer of the home. When situated in this manner, a console table will be the first thing used or seen when entering. Your console can be placed below wall art to draw attention to the piece, underneath a mirror, or against a blank wall and decorated. The space under your console table provides a place to store things like shoes and backpacks.

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Dining Room

A console table can also be placed in the dining area. In most cases, having a console close to the dining table offers an extra tabletop surface area for placing items not required on the main table. If you are entertaining guests, your console table can serve as a temporary bar. When buying a console for your dining room, go for one with drawers so you can store placemats, napkins, and cutlery.


Living Room

There are a variety of ways that you can use your console tables in the living room. You can use it as an extended side table or place it against the wall to enhance the room’s look and create an out-of-way surface. A console table can come in handy in helping to declutter your coffee table and add more light to the room.

Console tables with storage may also function as media consoles or TV stands. Their raised surface and narrow body make them perfect for living rooms. You can find one with drawers and shelves to store living room items like cable boxes and DVR equipment.



You can utilize console tables in your bedroom. By placing a mirror above and adding an accent stool or chair, you can create a custom vanity. You can also add a lamp and jewelry, perfume, and other items to create a console table that is beautiful and functional.

You can also have console tables with storage that function as nightstands in the bedroom. You will have plenty of space for reading lamps and books, while the space underneath the table can be used for decorative storage and bins.


How to Decorate Console Tables

Don’t Overlook the Height

To attain a cohesive table design, you should consider the three-layer approach: low, medium, and high. It looks great if you use a long, slim tray that is low, paired with photo frames or staked books of medium height, and a tall lamp or vase.

Go Minimal

You should focus on a ‘less is more’ approach when decorating. This way, the décor on your console table does not overwhelm or distract from the rest of the room. If the table is in the hallway or entryway, it can help to put a bowl or tray on the table to catch things like keys or your wallet. This will help reduce the appearance of visual clutter.

Balance It Out

Having a good balance of the items on your console table is important. You can try adding a single tall vase on one side of the table with fresh flowers and a few picture frames and smaller items on the other to help balance the look.

Create a Designated Drop Zone

console table can be used as a decorative statement alone. However, in most cases, it will become a drop zone for wallets, keys, and mail. You can have a bowl on your console table for keeping your keys whenever you enter your house. This will make your console table an intentional décor piece.

Add a Mirror

Hallway mirrors make effective and simple decorative additions to your console tables and can help to add personality. If you have a big space, a large round mirror will be great when placed above the console. Mirrors will also provide a spot to get a final look at your appearance before you head out the door.

Ground the Space with a Rug

A well-placed rug under the console table will warm up your space. In addition, rugs visually divide the open space. Ensure that you get a durable rug that can withstand everyday foot traffic if your console is in the entryway.

Don’t Forget to Light

One of the most important things people tend to overlook when styling their home is lighting. You can never go wrong with having a large lamp or two on your console table. Excellent lighting on your console table will illuminate the room and enhance the look of your space.

Incorporate Fresh Greenery

For those who love greenery in their home, a console table is a great space to display it. Plants can add a fresh look to any space in your home. You may be able to find lots of unique and beautiful fresh green pieces from your backyard or a local flower market.

Highlight Thoughtful Finishing Touches

You should think about adding artistic moments and pops of color to your console table. You can achieve this by using stacked books to create polished surfaces and top them with small plants or décor pieces. Apart from adding pop and color, you will also add depth.

Share A Little Sparkle

Sparkly or light-catching items make great décor pieces. For example, crystals are natural and exquisite objects that produce special effects with reflections and light. A little glittery pop will also bring great energy into your space.

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What to Consider When Buying a Console Table

Go Unconventional

Consoles come in different sizes and shapes. Homeowners can try something unconventional such as a unique fabric on an upholstered version. With a console table that has a customized touch, you can show off your style and personality.

Choose a Console with Shelves

If you love having many surfaces where you can display your collections, a console table with shelves is a great option. A console with one or two shelves helps to create additional display space to show off treasures.

Use a Bar Cart

You can also incorporate bar carts into your home to act as a console. If you have a space in your home that feels too open but is not enough for a piece of furniture, a bar cart can be the perfect console. Instead of putting bar paraphernalia, you can display décor pieces.

Materials Matter

Various materials can help make your space feel more storied and collected. Using different materials for your console will bring tons of depth and texture to your space.

Dressers and Credenzas Work Too

You can use credenzas, dressers, and sideboards as consoles for additional storage. This adds visual weight and anchors your wall. You can also add light to your room by choosing bright colors for your dressers, sideboards, or credenzas.

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