Factors To Consider When Designing a Dreamy Master Suite

The master bedroom is one of the most exciting parts of the house to design. This is your space, and you deserve to make it as luxurious, stylish and relaxing as you want. From the massive, cozy bed to the lavish master bathroom, every detail works together to create your dream room. While the whole family enjoys the living room and guests enjoy the dining room, the master bedroom is just for you. Make it the perfect space when you remember these factors to consider when designing a dreamy master suite.

Location, Location, Location

Where your room sits in the house plays a significant role in the feeling and atmosphere of the space. One of the most important things to consider is the proximity to other bedrooms. Will you be able to hear everyone else while you’re in your room? Will they be able to hear you? If you want a more private space, keep your master bedroom away from others or use a heavy, more soundproof door. If you need to be closer to other members of the family—as is the case if you have young kids—staying within earshot of other bedrooms, playrooms, and the living room is important.

Luxury Lighting for a Luxury Room

What kind of lighting do you want in your bedroom? A relaxing master suite calls for soft, peaceful ambient light. Plenty of natural light is wonderful, so pay attention to the size of your windows and where they’re facing. If you want to add more natural light, choose thin curtains and a lighter color palette. Alternatively, you can use heavy curtains to help control the light that reaches your room—like when you want to take a relaxing morning to just sleep in.

It also helps to add a dimmer switch to better control the lighting in your room. A dimmer gives you the option for full, bright light when you need it and calming, dim light when you just want to unwind. Softer lighting options will make the space feel more peaceful, allowing you to create the relaxing atmosphere you deserve.

Creative Color Schemes

As with any other room in the house, you have to keep your color scheme in mind when designing your master bedroom. Clashing colors or overly busy patterns can distract the eye and take away from your relaxing atmosphere. Many aspects of the bedroom influence your color scheme. The most obvious components are your paint and floor colors. However, furniture, bedding, curtains, and décor items also influence the overall look of the room. While your pieces don’t have to match, they should complement each other. For example, too much white can look washed out, but mixing in grays, darker woods, or even a bold splash of color can create a definition and personality in the space.

Design With Furniture

Furniture is one of the most important factors to consider when designing a dreamy master suite, so you should have it in mind from the very beginning of the process. When sketching out your dream layout, think about the pieces you have and the pieces you want to have. The bed is a major part of this. How big is it? Where will you put it? You also need to think about other pieces like the dresser, vanity, bookshelves, TV stand, and more. Will the room still feel spacious with all the furniture in there? Ask yourself these questions as you experiment with different furniture layouts. Keeping your furniture in mind will help you create the perfect space and color scheme.

Consider Your Add-Ons

One of the perks of a master bedroom is that it has everything. A master bathroom and walk-in closet are essential to creating your luxurious suite. Where will each of these add-ons go? How will they fit with the rest of the space?

When designing your closet, think about storage space. Will this be a place for linens, winter apparel, and miscellaneous belongings, or will it only hold clothes? What you plan on keeping in the closet will inform the kind of shelves, racks, and other storage solutions you want. Think about other features, too. Do you need space for a mirror or a seat to use while dressing? What kind of lighting do you want? Take time to picture exactly how you’ll use your closet so that you can design something that suits your needs.

For the master bathroom, luxury is everything. A massive tub, roomy shower stall, gorgeous counters, and beautiful lighting help create a lavish space that you can enjoy every day. However, you should consider the location. If someone goes into the bathroom in the middle of the night, will the light reach the bed and disturb whoever’s sleeping? Soundproofing and a proper location will keep the bathroom nice and private.

Keep the Day-to-Day in Mind

It’s easy to get caught up in dream designs and hypothetical situations. Unfortunately, your master suite won’t always look like it belongs in a magazine. Thinking about your day-to-day desires and needs will help you focus on what’s most important for your room. For example, a sitting space is an elegant addition to your bedroom, but if you’re going to end up covering it with clothes, you can benefit more from a storage solution like drawers or a chest. Let your existing habits inform the kind of space and furniture you need. This will help you design a room that looks and functions beautifully.

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