How To Make Your Home More Space Efficient

These days, our homes are working harder than ever before. Far from just being places to eat, sleep and socialize, they’re now often required to serve as offices, gyms, and schools as well as family hubs. As a result, many properties are under serious pressure, with all the various aspects of home life fighting for space under one roof.

If your home feels like it’s about to burst at the seams, don’t worry – a little bit of clever planning and good design could make all the difference. Here, we take a look at how to maximize space in your home and make your interior as efficient and as usable as possible.


Storage is the key to making your home more space efficient. Stylish, good-quality storage will not only give you plenty of places to store your belongings, but it can also add to the look and feel of your space, making you’re interior more attractive and less cluttered all at once.

Before you start your search for the perfect storage units, take a look at your living areas and think about the type of storage that would work best for you. Thinking about the type of storage you need and the solutions that will work best in your home will help to ensure your newly efficient interior does the job.

Modular storage

Modular storage is a fantastic, flexible option. Modular shelving units, whether free-standing or wall mounted, are often configurable. This will allow you to fill every alcove, nook, and cranny to create the perfect arrangement for your space.

Shelves are also a great option as they provide a very flexible storage solution. Shelves can be used to display everything from books and ornaments to crockery. So, you can create an eclectic, practical storage area containing a range of belongings.

Storage furniture

Furniture with built-in storage is another great way to maximize space in your home. A lot of different furnishings now come with integrated storage solutions. For example, you could invest in a bed with concealed storage beneath the mattress, an entryway bench that doubles up as a toy box, or a coffee table that can store electronics, books, and other odds and ends inside.

Other furnishings, like TV standsdressers, and sideboards also offer great storage potential. Most of these pieces will have built-in cupboards, drawers, and shelves, allowing you to tidy away a wide range of objects neatly and easily.

Practical storage

Adding stylish storage to your interior is a great way to make the space more practical and attractive. However, you can also make your home more efficient by investing in hidden storage solutions.

Pile up storage boxes in your wardrobe, garage, or understairs cupboard and use them to store seasonal supplies like garden games, warm winter clothing, and swimming equipment. Make sure you label each box so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

Baskets placed under the bed or sofa can be used to store spare throws and blankets for those cold winter nights. You could also put a box by your front door to collect errant shoes, umbrellas, and dog leads and stop clutter from littering your entryway.

Multi-purpose spaces

As well as adding storage to your home, you can make your space more efficient by creating multi-purpose areas. This works especially well in small apartments where space is really at a premium.

Transform your dining table into a workspace

If you don’t have room for a dedicated desk, you can partition a section of your dining table to use as a workspace. Opt for an extended dining table and you should still have plenty of space to sit down for dinner without having to tidy your home office away.

Lounge into playroom

One of the great things about good storage is that it gives you easy access to your belongings. So, instead of hunting through piles of toys for that one train set your child is looking for, you can simply select the right storage box and start playing.

Keep a few storage boxes of toys under the sofa so you can pull them out quickly whenever you need to turn your living room into a playroom. If you want to keep your space neat and tidy, store a dedicated rug under your sofa that can be placed under the toys when the kids are playing. This will help you tidy everything away neatly when it’s time to relax.

Garden lounge

Space-saving ideas don’t need to be confined to the house. In fact, if you’ve got an outside area you can dramatically increase the size of your living space by turning it into an al fresco lounge.

Invest in good quality outdoor furnishings like benches, sofas, and dining tables. If your garden is particularly sunny, you might want to hang a shade sail over your lounge area so it’s usable in warm weather. Adding lighting to the space will allow you to make the most of it at night and during the day.

While sorting your stuff into easily accessible storage areas can help to maximize space in your home, it’s also a good idea to get rid of things that you no longer use. After all, there’s no point turning your home into a warehouse if you’re never going to need the things you’re hanging on to.

To help you house the things you do need, we have a fantastic collection of innovative and stylish storage ideas. Take a look around today to find the best pieces for your home.