How To Style Living Room Furniture

The living room is undoubtedly one of the most essential spaces in any home. It’s where you relax, socialize, unwind, and enjoy time with friends and family. And if you’re anything like us, your lounge is probably where you spend most of your time.

Because the living room is such an important space, it’s well worth putting some serious thought into how you want it to look. Often, adding just a few eye-catching accessories and finishing touches is enough to change the way the space feels in total. Introducing an accent rug, a quirky chair, or a statement coffee table will give your home a bit of personality and ensure your interior stands out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

To help you achieve the lounge look you’ve always wanted, we’ve put together our top living room furniture styling tips.

Add a soft touch

The living room should be a comfortable, welcoming space. The best way to achieve this feel is to fill your lounge area with soft, tactile furnishings and accessories.

Installing a sumptuous standard or L-shaped couch will instantly define the space and help you to create a comfortable and inviting aesthetic. Pile your sofa high with cushions to add a splash of colour to your interior and make your seating area feel even more hospitable.

You can further soften the look of your living area by adding some rugs to the interior design. Introducing rugs is a fantastic way of bringing colour and pattern into your home without breaking the bank or getting into any expensive and messy renovations. Use a rug in a contrasting shade to your sofa and walls to add a bit of drama to your look or opt for a complementary tone to give your room a calmer feel. Place a rug under your sofa or coffee table to anchor your space and create a fantastic focal point in the middle of your room. As well as giving you the opportunity to stamp your personality on your living area, adding rugs and other soft furnishings to your lounge has the bonus of making the room warmer and more comfortable.

Lighten the mood

Lighting is an essential design element in every room in your home. And as your lounge is probably where you spend most of your evenings, getting the lighting just right is even more crucial.

While having bright ceiling lights is important from a practical point of view, this often-stark illumination isn’t so good for cultivating a relaxing atmosphere. To create attractive ambient lighting, place a standing lamp next to your sofa or a table task lamp by your armchair. These lights will create pools of warmth and give you somewhere comfortable and cosy to watch TV or curl up with a good book.

Ideally, you want at least three lamps in your living area as this will illuminate the space and give your evening lighting scheme a little variation. If you don’t have room for three or more lamps, you could place large candles on your coffee table or sideboard to help brighten up your living space.

Put an accent on it

If you want to have a little fun with your interior – and make sure your living room is completely unique – why not invest in an unexpected accent piece? A bright, bold accent armchair could make a great addition to your seating area.

If you’ve chosen a retro or mid-century modern theme for your living area, the soft pink tones of the armchair will look wonderful. Warm and welcoming, this elegant and eye-catching chair can be used to great effect in bedrooms and entrance ways as well as living areas.

Another way to add an accent feature to your living area is with a stylish coffee table. Coffee tables are generally placed right in the middle of the seating area and often act as the focal point of the layout. So, choosing an eye-catching piece is guaranteed to give your living area a characterful feel.

Adding just a few stylish accessories to your living room can totally transform the look and feel of your interior. Find out more and start shopping for the perfect finishing touches for your lounge, by exploring our collections today.