Tips for Decorating On and Around a TV Cabinet

In our gadget-loving and the digitally-driven world, electronics are in every modern household. There are multiple pieces of intelligent tech and high-tech TVs. In particular, today’s TVs are huge; they’re like big, black paintings—simply put, they aren’t the best to look at when turned off. Their existence begs a simple question: how can you best decorate around them?

Never fear. Entertainment spaces—living, family, and media rooms—can still look effortlessly sleek and stylish. All you need are a few strategies to turn the black holes of your interior spaces into something visually pleasing. Let’s take a closer look at how you can accomplish this. Here are several top tricks and tips for decorating on and around a TV cabinet.

Arrange a Gallery or Accent Wall

If you have an entertainment center or media console, ask yourself how you can arrange color and texture distinctively around it. An ideal solution is to create a gallery wall or accent wall around the area. Think about if you would rather contrast or complement the TV cabinet in the room.

If you want contrast, play up the palette with an accent wall that makes the space truly pop. A beautiful TV cabinet or wall display is meant to be admired, so it can even be a dynamic focal point if desired. Otherwise, create an electric gallery wall and blend the furniture into it.

Many people prefer the look of a softer-edged design scheme. If that applies to you, arrange any art or picture frames into a grid to make the TV’s spot appear intentional.

Book-End It With Symmetrical Décor

The use of refined formal symmetry is a great tip for decorating on and around a TV cabinet. The idea is to form matching groupings on each side of the TV. For example, you could include tasteful pairs of candlesticks, vases, planters, wall sconces, lanterns, mirrors, or frames.

You could create a stylish bookend display based on the aesthetic of the rest of the house. Or you could use tall arrangements, which create a harmonious balance without too much fuss.

Look Above or Beneath: Enhance the TV Itself

Other than providing a backdrop for your media center, consider how to embellish your TV further into the room. Decoration should add both function and form, regardless of if the television is on a stand or a wall mouth. Don’t use just any piece of furniture as a house for your TV; choose carefully. Get something that’s functional as well as beautiful. The right choice will wonderfully frame and style your TV.

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