Upgrade Family Time at home in the Lounge​

As the weather turns colder, the desire to stay indoors all day is ever so tempting. But being indoors can still be a lot of fun, with many activities to do while keeping warm inside. Especially with the arrival of Family Day, it is a great opportunity to get together with family to have a good time! The lounge is a great option to bring all your activities into; gather around the fireplace for quality time with loved ones while keeping warm, or enjoy a board game or two on the rug. While most of us enter the lounge to relax, there are many other ways to upgrade our family time there without exerting too much energy.

Play some family games

Lounges are big spaces in any home, and being able to make use of the space well is a skill. Sure the space might not be as big as a yard sometimes, but with games such as charades or even board games, space is never really the issue. Even in a small space, you should still be able to sit the family on a couch and have one person doing charades, and with a board game, everyone can gather around the table or rug together. The Vegas Coffee Table not only has enough space to accommodate board games, food, and more, but also comes with storage space. While sitting on the floor may be fun to some, others may prefer the ample back support that the couches and armchairs provide. However, furniture such as armchairs are made to only fit one person, and a full family can be best accommodated by a bigger sofa.

Movie night with the kids

Family-friendly movies are upon us this time of the year, and what says family time like lounging together on the couches with Home Alone playing? While couches are a great choice for cuddling (especially during a horror film), rugs are also a great option especially if you want to have popcorn. Rugs are also a great compliment to sofas, adding depth and additional designs to the room. When looking for the best couch for movie night, consider the Astor Sectional Sofa for its child-friendly rounded curves and its soft and comfortable material.

Do some arts and crafts

Some of us just want to relax with our family in the lounge, and certain activities may be too taxing, both physically and mentally. In this case, family craft activities can be a great way to relieve stress and bond with the kids at the same time. Simple craft tutorials can be found online and can range from an hour to an entire day depending on the scale of your project.

There may be reservations about doing crafts in the lounge as sofas and rugs can stain; however, there are materials you can go for that are stain resistant. The Sofas with Velvet fabric are a good choice, as velvet is easy to clean when addressed immediately, and is quite scratch-resistant, making it the top choice where crafts using scissors and paint are involved.

Many other lounge activities can be done in a family, and these are but some tips that might be fun to try if you have not previously. Of course, the most important part of family bonding is to enjoy time with your loved ones, and if your favorite way of family time is just getting some well-deserved rest in the lounge, remember to get a big enough couch for everyone!

What is the best lounge furniture?

While lounge furniture is all unique and suits different styles of lounges, you can never go wrong with a Mars sofa. Within the same Mars sofa category, you can find abstract, minimalist, and even inspired designs that suit all styles of homes.

How do I maintain my lounge cleanliness?

Most sofas have removable cushions for ease of cleaning, and rugs and any other velvet furniture are easily cleaned with water and or a quick wipe-down. That being said, regular wiping down of dust and vacuuming are also encouraged to maintain the longevity of the furniture and room.