Upholstery Fabric Selection: Key Factors To Consider

Color Considerations

Color is often the initial decision when it comes to furniture selections. The fabric hue holds a significant influence on home décor and design aesthetics. This is especially true for eye-catching larger-sized pieces. Neutrals are often the safest and most reliable route to take, yet the level of boldness ultimately depends on what works well for design and functionality. Consider the mood of a particular space as well—the choice of a warm- or cool-toned fabric can ultimately alter the ambiance of a room.

Shape, Style, and Scale

The next step of upholstery fabric selection has to do with the shape and style of the piece itself. This is one of the key factors to consider for design cohesiveness. The right fabric choice should flawlessly complement the stylistic character and form of the piece it covers.

You’ll also want to ensure that the type of upholstery works well with other furnishings in the room, especially those with alternative materials. All things considered, the style of the material should undoubtedly echo your design taste.

Texture Matters

Texture matters most for aesthetics, treatment, and comfort. This is where the debate over natural versus synthetic fabrics comes into play. Different fabrics have different thread counts that influence their feel and durability. The material’s content may also require diverse care and cleaning needs.

Bear in mind that not all living areas can take advantage of the same textiles. Fabrics that have subtle scratchiness or dainty delicacy may not be ideal options for sofas or chairs that you want to lounge in every day of the week. These fabrics offer functionality in more upscale interiors for a formal look.

Longevity Values: Choose Luxury

In terms of longevity, you must be sure to consider how the material may wear and hold up for years to come. Well-crafted and upholstered luxury furnishings allow homeowners to flaunt finesse and freedom with a luxe design that offers long-term use and value in their household settings.

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