How Should I Style My Sectional?

The L-shaped sofa has many advantages. Not only does it fit neatly into the corner of a smaller living room, adding extra seating space without gobbling up too much floor space. But it also helps to create a conversation or entertainment space, forming the ideal space for a coffee table or accent chair to complete your living room setup. You can also use ottomans or swivel chairs to add extra flexible seating space or to create a style contrast with the L-shaped or sectional sofa.

However, despite all this flexibility of use and versatility across a huge range of living rooms, L-shaped couches can be quite difficult to style. That’s why we have created the following guide to help give you some ideas of how to bed an L-shaped couch into your living room – and how to keep it looking its best.

Placement and shape

The beauty of the L-shaped couch is that it is as at home up against the wall or in the corner of a space as it is creating a freestanding seating area. The 90-degree corner of the sofa creates a natural angle around which you can create your entertainment space. Pairing accent chairs with your couch can create a very cozy look where you can have intimate conversations with your guests. Place the armchair facing the vertical section of your L-shaped sofa to create this layout. Pair a couch and accent chair in similar complementary shapes to create a sleek aesthetic.

Color scheme

The color of your couch and accent chair should differ but still complement one another. Introduce a pop of color, like pairing a bright color accent chair with a neutral-tone couch. It brightens up your space while adding a luxurious touch. Ensure that your couch and accent chairs work well with your current design scheme. Pick items that will tie everything together.

As well as the color of your sofa and accent chairs, try and color match your soft furnishings such as curtains and carpets to the throw cushions and pillows on your sofa. This will help your sofa to bed into the space and feel like a cohesive part of the room.

Texture and feel

Utilizing different textures will inject warmth and character into your living room. For example. pairing a Velvet couch with a microfabric armchair or accent chair brings luxury and sophistication into your space.

Additional extras

You should also think about what other furniture you want your space to include. For example, adding an ottoman to your living room is a fantastic way to introduce color, style, and functionality. Get a matching L-Shaped couch and Ottoman to create a cohesive and harmonious space. Ottomans can be used as extra seating or even double up as a coffee table for extra tabletop space as and when you need it. Plus, they can provide much-needed storage space for throws, blankets, and other occasional items.

The L-shaped couch needs to be styled in a way that accentuates its shape and makes the most of the angled seating area it offers. As with most other couches, there is a huge choice of design styles, colors, and materials to suit any living space or design scheme. However, you do need to pay special attention in terms of pairing it with accent furniture such as chairs, ottomans, and coffee tables. But if you get the styling right, it can create a stylish, comfortable, and practical living space with a selection of advantages.

Our range of L-shape couches is available in a variety of styles, shapes, sizes, and materials. They can be styled easily by pairing them with accent chairs, ottomans, and accessories.