Quick Styling Tips for Your Corner Sofa

Comfortable, cozy, and attractive, corner sofas can look fantastic in all shapes and sizes of living spaces. Whether you have a smaller lounge or a spacious family room, adding a stylish corner sofa to the layout can give you the usability and the look you’re dreaming of.

The ‘L’ shape of a corner sofa makes it naturally welcoming and cozy. Get your accessories just right, and you’ll create a seating area that’s irresistibly sumptuous and wonderful to look at.

If you’ve recently invested in a corner sofa and are looking for ways to integrate it into your interior décor, or if you’re considering buying a new L-shape couch for your lounge, look at our top tips for quickly and effectively styling your corner sofa.

Add color and texture

Corner sofas are by nature large, generous furnishings, so why not turn yours into a real centerpiece by introducing some fun, colorful cushions, and accessories? Piling up bright patterned or block color cushions can give your L-shaped couch a fantastic, sumptuous look and make it incredibly comfortable to stretch out and relax on.

Layering up the different colors and designs will also add texture and richness to your interior décor. Use colors or patterns that appear in other elements of your design scheme to ensure your sofa ties the room together and looks like an integral part of your layout.

Make it a welcoming, cozy space

If you have a very large sofa, it could look a little plain and empty when it’s not in use. Piling it high with bright, bold cushions will have the bonus of making it appear cozy and welcoming even when no one is sitting on it. You could also introduce a few stylish throws to your seating area to make it look even more inviting. Make sure you tidy your cushions and throws whenever the sofa isn’t in use to keep your living room looking its best.

Match your corner sofa with other soft furnishings

Rugs and sofas are a match made in heaven. Rugs will help to define your seating area and add color to your space. A good quality rug will also anchor your sofa and draw the eye to the most important part of your living area.

Try to find a rug that echoes the color, pattern, or style of your sofa. Pairing them in this way will help your design scheme appear more unified and draw attention to the sofa as the centerpiece of your living room. You could also run these design themes through your cushions, curtains, and other soft furnishings to tie your entire interior together.

Add a sideboard

Sometimes, living spaces work even better when the different areas are defined and segmented. This works especially well in large, open lounges but can also look fantastic in cozier spaces.

A great way to add this structure to your layout is to invest in a shelf or sideboard. Both shelves and sideboards can be used to great effect to provide extra storage and give you somewhere convenient to place your drinks or snacks. You can also use them to display items like photos, plants, and ornaments.

If your living room is on the smaller side, shelves can work well as they’ll help to maximize your floor space while making your lounge more usable. If you want a more flexible layout, or if your corner sofa is right in the middle of your living room, opt for a sideboard. This versatile furnishing can be placed behind your sofa, or to one side of your seating area, to bring a touch of style and practicality to your living room.

Pair with complementary armchairs

Finally, you can style your corner sofa by adding one or two complementary armchairs to your layout. These armchairs can be in a matching fabric or, if you want to add a bold splash of color to your lounge, you could choose armchairs in contrasting shades.

As well as making your living room décor more interesting and more dynamic, a complementary set of armchairs will significantly increase the size of your seating area, allowing you to accommodate even more friends and family when they drop in for a coffee. If you don’t have the available floor space for a set of armchairs, you can achieve a similar effect by adding an Ottoman to your living area. Ottomans are very versatile and can also be used to introduce color, style, and functionality to your lounge.

Adding a corner sofa to your living room is a fantastic way to bring a little extra usability and character to your lounge. To find out more about styling your interior, and to start searching for the perfect pieces for your home, look around our collection today.