How to Shop for the Right Sofa For 2023!

We all love a good quality sofa with plush seating and ever-so-supportive back cushions that you can snuggle up in and stretch out on after a long day.

A good sofa can be life-changing, but how do you shop for the right one? From fabric choice to seat depth, there are quite a few considerations.

In this guide, we’ll spell out everything you need to know about picking the right sofa for your home, apparent or otherwise.

1- Pick the right fabric for your needs.

The perennial question that sofa buyers often begin with – fabric or leather? Both options have their merits and we’ve covered our case on leather here. If you’ve decided on a fabric sofa, the decision-making doesn’t end here.

There are plenty of fabric choices available today, with different materials, textures, and colors. From soft velvets to high-performance Chenile, each has its own qualities and properties.

To zero in on the right fabric choice, first, think about how your sofa will be used and who will be using it from a practical standpoint.

For sofas that will see plenty of mileage in high-traffic areas like your living room, the best fabrics would be ones that are durable and easy to care for like Chenile, or a mixed composition that would hold up well over years of lounging, even in a temperate climate.

At Luxmood, our performance fabrics are designed to withstand frequent use and come with easy maintenance, making them suited for households with kids and pets! They also come in a myriad of textures and colors you can customize.

It’s also important to consider the size of your sofa when thinking of fabric colors and choices.

You can’t go wrong with a solid color or a neutral tone for large sectional sofas. Want something with more visual interest? Fabrics with a subtle play on texture work for both large and small sofas.

2- Go beyond standard measurements.

A huge spacious sofa may be a homeowner’s dream. But you may not always be able to go big, depending on your space constraints and needs. For starters, pay attention to the height, length (across the back), and depth (front to back) of the sofa. Does it leave you with enough space to comfortably walk around it? Is the sofa height suited to your height?

Seat depth also plays a large part in your comfort. A comfortable, snuggle-worthy seat depth ranges from 23 inches and up.

Lesser-known measurements can affect your enjoyment of the sofa as well. For instance, a sofa’s leg height can affect how spacious the room looks. Longer legs elevate the sofa and give an illusion of a roomier interior.

3- Match the way you live.

As creatures of habit, it is important to shop with your preferred lounging style in mind.

Do you like stretching out with your legs splayed? Our sectional sofas will be right up your alley. Alternatively, you can add in an ottoman or pouf as an easy go-to for extra leg support.

4- A solid frame matters.

There’s a reason why sofas are deemed investment pieces.

Spending on a quality sofa can last you for years to come, and one of the things that make that price tag worthwhile is the internal framework of the furniture.

A solid wood frame can retain its stability for up to 15 years and beyond, but cheaper frames might warp and give away within a few years.

To ensure our sofas can stand the test of time, Luxmood sofas have been developed through a stringent manufacturing process to ensure high-quality construction standards for our solid timber frames.