The Benefits of a Bed Frame with a High Headboard

Bed frames – they are not something we think about in our daily lives, yet they make up for the most important aspect of the bedroom, especially since we spend so much time there.

Coming in all shapes and sizes, you can find options that range from single to super king size, low futon styles to high bed frames, and free-standing options that come with space for storage. But the most important decision to make is whether you need a headboard. If the answer to that is a resounding yes, read on! If not, read on anyway – we might just change your mind.

Headboards provide tons of benefits. Aside from the aesthetics they add to your space, other advantages also include covering markings on the wall (life happens!) and offering back support. Plus, if you’re someone who gets cold easily, having a headboard that has soft touches of fabrics can also keep you warm and cozy as you snuggle up in bed.

Size is one of the most important considerations. A small headboard might be enough for you, but it could end up looking dwarfed by your space. However, with larger headboards, the pros are aplenty.

Choosing a bed with a high headboard

Are you an avid in-bed reader? Or perhaps your guilty pleasure includes scrolling through your social feeds for hours while nestled up in bed. Whichever it is, headboards offer a huge amount of support for your back, which is beneficial to your overall physical health. They also serve a huge purpose in keeping your pillows propped up, saving you the trouble of picking up pillows that have slid off the side or back of the bed when you’re trying to concentrate on that rom-com.

Thick headboards can also help the bed to fill a space, looking more at home in the room while separating the sleeping space from other areas of the space. If you belong to Team Thick Mattress, selecting a bed frame with a thick headboard also creates a proportionate visual appearance so your bedroom looks cohesive and well thought out.

A higher headboard can also help to fill vertical space in the room. Not a fan of displaying wall art? A bed with a high headboard is great for filling up the empty wall space. It can help to draw the eye from the bed and up into the vertical space. Having a high headboard also makes nightstands look more at home and create symmetry across the sleeping space.

Another major style reason for choosing a higher headboard has a lot to do with what else you might keep on the bed itself. If you prefer to start and end your day with lots of cushions on your bed, having a high headboard allows you to still keep your bed frame in view.

Why color and fabric choices are important?

The material choices you make for your headboard can also influence what size it needs to be. For example, if you opt for a fabric bed frame, then the headboard may need to be on the larger side. A high headboard can bring out the designs more prominently, such as tufted details or fabric patterns that could otherwise be lost or overwhelmed.

If you would rather not have a fabric headboard, then there are plenty of other materials to choose from. Rugged or finished wood can also offer the support and stylistic impact you are looking for. Wooden bed frames are always popular and you can bring more of this natural and organic material into your space with a high headboard made of wood – either finished in a natural way or painted to match your color scheme.

Your color choices are also an important factor, whether it’s gray bed frames or brightly colored bedding. Depending on your color choices across the rest of your room, a high headboard can be a great opportunity to add a pop of color or some subtle tones to your sleeping space. To create a coherent color scheme across your room, you can also opt to reflect the tones found in other soft furnishings, such as curtains and bedding.

High headboards pros and cons

Of course, a high headboard is not for everyone or every space. You need to consider the size and style of bedroom you have to work with. A large ornate antique headboard is not going to work in a sleek and modern bedroom. It all comes down to personal preference really, but the high headboard does have some distinct advantages, as you can see above.

How high from the bed should your headboard be?

Generally, twin headboards are 14 inches above the top of the mattress, while full and queen headboards are 28 inches. King and super king headboards are higher still. But these measurements are just guidelines, and a headboard can be as large or small as you want it to be.

Are high bed frames better?

Really high or really low bed frames can be difficult to get in and out of, so there is a happy medium. The typical height of a bed frame is knee-level, or about 12 to 16 inches tall, and this should generally be comfortable for most people.

What is the purpose of a high headboard?

A high headboard can have both stylistic and practical purposes. It can offer support when sitting up and reading or watching TV and gives you a chance to add color and fabric to your bedroom space.